CUENDE Infometrics

What we do
Design and develop advanced research systems in the areas of marketing and advertising.

Contribute to the effectiveness of our customers’ business, providing information and knowledge of essential factors of their markets to increase profits and / or reduce risks. .

CUENDE Infometrics consists mainly of specialized professionals in the creation, innovation and development of new systems. CUENDE Infometrics does not have pollsters on staff, when surveys are necessary the service is outsourced to internationally recognized companies (Kantar-TNS, Metrixlab and Ipsos). This ensures the quality of fieldwork and the focus of CUENDE Infometrics staff in innovation.

Members of our staff are members of marketing research organizations such as ESOMAR and AEDEMO (Asociación Española de Estudios de Mercado, Marketing y Opinión) and computing technologies such as ACM.


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