Métricooh: Worldwide Out-of-Home rating system.

Métricooh is a revolutionary OoH Audience measurement system.Satellite imagery and Big Data from city traffic flows is used instead of surveys. Thanks to its exclusive partnerships CUENDE Infometrics can provide OoH metrics to media companies and media agencies in countries that cannot afford tradicional OOH measuremt studies.

Audience is calculated with automatic vehicle counting from satellite imagery, provided by DigitalGlobe, and traffic flows from GPS data received from navigators devices and smartphones apps, provided by TomTom. More than 70 millions of devices provide 9,000 millios of GPS points every day. A total paradigme change in Out-of-Home research. This huge information provides CUENDE with a solid base to calculate a number of GRPs per panel, after CUENDE calculates the visibility zone of each panel. Métricooh is:

OoH Media companies and media agencies don´t need any special software. The Audience data is provided by reports. Also metrics can be integrated with software developed by CUENDE Infometrics (Quantum) as well as planning software of other companies.

The develop of MÉTRICOOH counted with the financial support of CDTI and UE´s FEDER to the project "Nuevo Sistema de Medición de Audiencia de Publicidad Exterior Global mediante imágenes satélite y Big Data".


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