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Article of José María Cuende at "Investigación & Marketing" magazine (12/12/2014).

José María Cuende, CEO of CUENDE Infometrics, titled his colum Acelerar para ganar.



Daniel Cuende, Innovation Manager at CUENDE Infometrics, interviewed by "El Programa de la Publicidad" (6/11/2104).

Spanish radio show "El Programa de la Publicidad" interviewed Daniel Cuende. He pointed that "we have different versions of the product where we can make plans with demographics, Points of Interest, with nearly every metric we have or expect to have any planner or Outdoor company and it can be used for any city however size of any country. It is the first wordlwide study".



First study of DOOH Big Screens impact on brands (08/09/2014).

Cuende Infometrics conducted a pioneering study about the effect on brands of Digital Out-of-Home Advertising in big screens for Callao City Lights.

Metricooh presentation in FEPE CongressFor first time a study reveals the returns for brands that have chosen this medium to advertise. Among them we should mention the 46% increase in OOH recall, the 27% increase in purchase intent and 52% in product recommendation.

The advertising brands that used Callao City Lights were benefited by increases of 20% in assisted reacall, 14% in the favorable assessment of the product and 3% in brand awareness. Familiarity with the product also upgraded 12%.

These innovative research has media coverage:

Callao City Lights is a new communication model with the aim of connecting with people through his 2 giant tablets and an original mosaic, which more than 300m2 of total digital surface located at Callao Square (Madrid).

More information about Callao City Lights available at its website.



Article of José María Cuende at "Investigación & Marketing" magazine (07/09/2014).

José María Cuende, CEO of CUENDE INfometrics, titled his colum Visión 365x365.


Daniel Cuende ESOMAR Council candidate (15/09/2014).

Daniel Cuende is candidate for a 2 year period in ESOMAR Council. Daniel was ESOMAR representative in Spain from 2005 to 2013 and now part of the ESOMAR Disciplinary Committee.


From their ESOMAR statements " We live an era that is easy to access and shared information, so an association has to evolve to really take part and activity in the industry. I am proud that ESOMAR is doing great, nevertheless we have to explore new ways. I visualize ESOMAR, in the future, as a trusted partner in my business".

Please visit DanielCuende.com for more information and full statement.



Article of José María Cuende at "Investigación & Marketing" magazine (12/06/2014).

José María Cuende, CEO of CUENDE Infometrics, titled his colum Solución "ansar".



Métricooh presented in FEPE Congress at Vienna (04/06/2014).

Metricooh presentation in FEPE CongressMétricooh is wordwide OOH ratings based in satellite imagery and Big Data from city traffic flows. This new service was presented by Daniel Cuende, Innovation Manager at CUENDE Infometrics, and Alberto López, Business Development Manger at DigitalGlobe, at Vienna. During his presentation "Big Data, Big Sells" shows how OOH audience metric helps to sell to advertisers and media agencies and how a new paradigme is necesary in Out-of-Home research. Thanks to technology there is a new system to measure audience more affordable and fresh.

Métrico is developed by CUENDE Infometrics, and powered by CUENDE partners DIGITALGLOBE and TOMTOM.

To more information visit www.metricooh.com




CUENDE Infometrics will provide Out-of-Home ratings in Pakistan (25/05/2014).

The Pakistan Advertiser s’ Society has offered its exclusively support to MOVE to develop and launch an OOH Audience and Ratings currency in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi. MOVE (Measuring OOH Visibility & Exposure) comprises of an expert team who works on Out of Home Media and in depth analysis of Pakistan’s advertising and media landscape. MOVE has combined local know-how with global expertise by partnering with CUENDE Informetrics and Telmar.

The entire project will be supervised by the Outdoor Audience Measurement Technical Committee (OAMTC) an industry JIC or Joint Industry Committee under the support of PAS. Included in the MOVE project consortium are Cuende Infometrics (in association with Telmar), TNS and Digital Globe. The Chairman of PAS, Shabeeh A. Ikram, Country General Manager, Johnson & Johnson praised the thorough work of the OAMTC in the selection of MOVE to the Executive Council and extended grateful thanks to all the global research companies that bid on the project.

Abrar Hasan, Chairman of the PAS OAMTC and CEO of National Foods, thanked his Committee colleagues for their tremendous support and commended MOVE’s expertise and understanding of the OOH industry. Abrar noted MOVE’s expertise demonstrated via the substantial complexity of their approach to developing an industry OOH currency. He also warned, “… of the hard work needed by my colleagues and the MOVE consortium in steering this important “accountability” initiative to a successful launch.”

Ali Hamdani, CEO of MOVE, said, “I am thrilled to be working closely with PAS and its ‘JIC’ on developing a much needed OOH audience currency in collaboration with proven global research and systems expert affiliates.” He believes that the new OOH currency will help drive the overall quality and hence value of the OOH inventory in Pakistan’s four largest markets. “It will provide advertisers and media agencies the foundation to improving the targeting and efficiency of their various OOH campaigns.” It is anticipated that the new OOH currency will be formally launched in 2015 after a suitable demonstration period for all industry users.



CUENDE Infometrics will be a exhibitor at 55th FEPE International Congress (05/05/2014).

The 55th FEPE International Congress will be held between Wednesday June 4th and Friday June 6th at the Intercontinental Hotel, Vienna (Austria). CUENDE Infometris will have a stand with its partners DigitalGlobe and TomTom.

Daniel Cuende, Innovation Manager at CUENDE Infometrics, and Alberto López, Business Developer Manager at DigitalGlobe, will be speakers. In their conference "Big Data, Big Sales: How to measure at the same time all cities of the world" they will present a revolutionary change in OoH research and planning.

We see you at FEPE International Congress.



Article of José María Cuende at "Investigación & Marketing" magazine (04/04/2014).

José María Cuende wrote about heroes in the crisis society.



Ana Ferri speaker at XIII Outdoor Advertising Seminar of AEPE (14/03/2014).

Ana FerriXIII Outdoor Advertising Seminar was held at the Universitat Jaume I of Castellon on 13 and 14 March. Conducted with the cooperation of the University and the Spanish Association of Outdoor Advertising (AEPE). This year Ana Ferri, OoH Knowledge and Research Analist of CUENDE Infometrics, told students the developments in the methodology of GEOMEX measurement, resulting in more and better Out-of-Home measurment.

Within this seminar is organized every year a competition in which students present their proposals, using OoH. This year 34 papers have been presented.The jury XIII Competition Outdoor Advertising was composed by Ana Ferri, representatives of AEPE, teachers of the University Jaume I of Castellón and other event speakers.



CUENDE Infometrics involved in creating the new international standard for measuring the digital OOutdoor Advertising (06/02/2014).

US based MRC (Media Rating Council) has elected Daniel Cuende, Innovation Manager at CUENDE Infometrics, to joint to Digital OOH Measurement Standards Working Committee. MRC´s goal is to define the US Digital Out of Home guidelines. Other selected members are Clear Channel Outdoor, PosterScope, DPAA (Digital Place-based Advertising Association) and Nielsen On-Location, among others.

MRC's initiative has a clear international vocation, as this ambitious project is the first global initiative that includes both digital billboards as new media located indoors, like shopping malls and transportation networks.

The presence of Daniel Cuende ensures an international vision to the MRC initiative, as is involved in Outdoor Audience Measurement in Spain (GEOMEX), United Kingdom (Route), Australia (MOVE) and South Africa, which binds to its recent election as a member of the Ethics Committee of ESOMAR (World Association for market, social and opinion research).



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