Teresa García speaker at the XVI Seminar on Outdoor Advertising

Teresa García, OOH Knowledge & Research Manager at CUENDE, gave a presentation where she explained METRICOOH, the outdoor environment measurement system developed by CUENDE that integrates information from Big Data from satellite images and information from navigators, apps and Tom Tom connected cars.

His presentation was part of the XVI Seminar and Contest of Outdoor Advertising of the Universitat Jaume I that took place during the 30th and 31st of April 2017, with the collaboration of La Fede-AEPE.

As is traditional, Teresa García and the rest of the speakers participated as judges in the Outdoor Advertising Competition for students at the Universitat Jaume I, which declared the winner the group Los miércoles con amor, made up of Marta Arranz, Marta Ibañez, Alba Pellicer, José Mª García and Andrea Bolúmar.

FEDE-AEPE FEDE-Aepe (Federación de Empresas de Publicidad y Comunicación-Asociación Española de Publicidad Exterior) is the organisation that brings together most of the companies related to Outdoor Advertising in Spain.