OOH Metrics

Our Out-Of-Home advertising audience measurement tools

Outdoor advertising metrics using Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to measure the intensity of vehicle traffic on the streets of any city.

First transnational OOH metrics system
From city-oriented to international campaigns
Innovative metrics that facilitate the purchase and sale of OOH
Effectiveness analysis of the panels
Patented visibility area analysis

Advanced Audience Measurement System for Outdoor Advertising in Spain.

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Patented Visibility Area Calculation System

Unique outdoor measuring system that takes into account the height of the advertising stand

Advanced exploitation tool to improve planning

Movement of thousands of individuals recorded by GPS

International standards integration ensures the accuracy of metrics.

Measurement using Big Data in multiple environments (Metro, Bus, Shopping Centres)

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Measurement with Big Data

Measurement of OOH advertising audiences using Big Data as high-resolution satellite images and apps.

Unique audience measurement system awarded by the International Federation of Out-Of-Home Advertising Companies (FEPE).

Guaranteed Viewability: Visibility Adjusted Contact and the use of international standards ensure the accuracy of metrics.

Advanced exploitation tool

Out-Of-Home inventory and planning software

Automatic update of the commercial offer

Instant audience calculation

Campaign Optimizer and Geoplanning.

Export results to Excel and PowerPoint

quantum integrates digital maps and Google Street View
(subject to coverage).

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FEPE Technical Innovation Award

OOH Audience
Measurement System

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