CUENDE at the XXIX Conference of La Fede-AEPE

Yolanda Marugán, Projects & Clients Director at CUENDE, will participate in the round table Everything is Data. Outdoor measurement focused on the research of outdoor media and new measurement methodologies and where GEOMEX, the outdoor advertising audience measurement study developed by CUENDE, is the benchmark and data currency of the market. The round table will be held next Friday 27th May 2022... Read more "CUENDE at the XXIX Conference of La Fede-AEPE

CUENDE obtains the Confianza Online seal of approval

After passing its exhaustive verification process, CUENDE has obtained the Confianza Online seal. This valuable accreditation corroborates CUENDE's commitment to transparency, good practices and quality. The Online Trust Seal distinguishes companies that are transparent and trustworthy, committed to good practices on the Internet and have demonstrated their adherence to the Code of Conduct. The Code indicates the guidelines for the behaviour of the... Read more "CUENDE obtains the Confianza Online seal ofapproval

CUENDE's webinar on Adventurees is now available in open access

The interview with the founders of CUENDE conducted by Adventurees is now available. The webinar was originally broadcast to registered users of the crowdfunding platform Adventurees Capital and is now published on its YouTube Channel. The interview was conducted by Rocío Alvarez-Ossorio, CMO of Adventurees and named by the Government of Spain as one of the Women of Reference in Innovative Entrepreneurship. In the webminar you will be able to know... Read more "CUENDE's webminar in Adventurees is now available in open access

Webminar - CUENDE's capital increase

Don't miss the webinar organised this afternoon by Adventurees PFP, where we will interview the founders of CUENDE, José María Cuende and Daniel Cuende, together with Yael H. Oaknín and Rocío Alvarez-Ossorio, a company that is currently in the middle of a financing round at Adventurees. They will explain how they have become pioneers in this sector, as well as their vision for the future. Day: 3 March at 19:00 Registration to the webinar 👉: to the project:

Capital increase of CUENDE

CUENDE has decided to carry out a capital increase, taking advantage of the opportunities offered by new technologies. To ensure the simplification of the process we have chosen to carry it out through the collaboration of the participatory financing platform Adventurees Capital PFP, S.L., with registration number 14 of the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV). Why have we decided to increase capital? We have taken this important decision with the aim of continuing to grow and offer... Read more "CUENDE's capital increase


CUENDE has joined AUTOCONTROL, an independent self-regulatory body for the advertising industry in Spain, with which it shares its objective of promoting responsible advertising: loyal, truthful, honest and legal. CUENDE voluntarily subscribes to AUTOCONTROL's Code of Advertising Conduct, whose principles can be summarised as: legality, authenticity, protection of minors, protection of personal data and self-regulation of the industry AUTOCONTROL is the independent self-regulatory body for the advertising industry in Spain... Read more "CUENDE joins AUTOCONTROL

CUENDE reiterates its commitment to quality

To ensure transparency and control throughout its value chain, in 2019 CUENDE decided to evolve its Quality Management System and voluntarily certify it under the ISO 9001:2015 standard. For the implementation of the standard, CUENDE worked with EXEVI, a consultancy firm specialising in quality management. With more than one million certifications in 184 countries, the ISO 9001:2015 standard is a system of improvement... Read more "CUENDE reaffirms its commitment to quality

CUENDE on MAXAR's Smart Talks

Presented by Maya Pires, Regional Marketing Manager EMEA at MAXAR, Daniel Cuende, co-founder of CUENDE Infometrics, demonstrated how to increase supermarket sales using space technology. CUENDE uses high-resolution imagery taken by MAXAR's satellite constellation to provide accurate and easy-to-understand metrics to its customers, using its proprietary algorithms and Artificial Intelligence. The ENGAGE Smart Talks bring together high-level executives... Read more "CUENDE at MAXAR Smart Talks

30th anniversary of CUENDE

CUENDE celebrates 30 years collaborating with the best Out-of-Home companies. It was on 26 December 1991 when the Cuende family founded the company, which would end up specialising in research into the Out-of-Home environment. In these 30 years CUENDE has evolved by improving and innovating its services to offer the highest quality and apply the most advanced technologies for measuring Outdoor Advertising. The passion for quality... Read more "30th anniversary of CUENDE

CUENDE joins La Fede-AEPE

CUENDE, a company specialised in measuring outdoor advertising audiences, has joined FEDE-AEPE. FEDE-AEPE (Federation of Advertising and Communication Companies - Spanish Outdoor Advertising Association) is the organisation that brings together most of the companies related to outdoor advertising in Spain. With this step CUENDE reinforces its commitment with the Outdoor media, as well as with the quality of GEOMEX, reference and data currency... Read more "CUENDE joins La Fede-AEPE