Interview with José María and Daniel Cuende in the magazine "Emprendedores".

The well-known magazine "Emprendedores" has published an interview with José María and Daniel Cuende, founders of CUENDE, in which they describe the company as the technological leader in the geomarketing sector. In it they explain how CUENDE has been applying the most advanced technology in the field of Outdoor Advertising research for 30 years: "time and time again it gives us the solution that no one else can find. Neural networks and data... Read more "Interview with José María and Daniel Cuende in the "Emprendedores" magazine".
Cuende Infometrics

CUENDE selected as one of the best Market Research companies in Spain

Best Startup UE has recognised CUENDE's commitment to innovation and quality by including it in its annual ranking of "Best Startups and Market Research Companies in Spain". The companies selected as the "Best Startups and Market Research Companies in Spain (2021)" have been chosen by industry professionals in categories that recognise excellence in innovation and its beneficial impact on the Spanish economy... Read more "CUENDE selected among the best Market Research companies in Spain

Daniel Cuende's speech at IBOUSA Conference 2021

Daniel Cuende, Director of Expansion & Founder of CUENDE Infometrics, participated in the IBOUSA 2021 Conference held in Pittsburgh from 24-26 September. Due to the sanitary restrictions in force in the United States, the participation of Daniel Cuende had to be done remotely, both in his presentation where he informed about the status and importance of the accreditation process of MetricOOH by MRC (Media Rating Council), as well as in the... Read more "Daniel Cuende's presentation at IBOUSA Conference 2021
Cuende Infometrics

CUENDE awarded in Business Sustainability

CUENDE has been awarded the Ecovadis Gold Medal in recognition of our achievements in Corporate Sustainability. The expert auditors of Ecovadis, the most recognised provider of sustainability ratings, have carried out a detailed assessment of CUENDE's environmental, social and ethical policies. After carrying out the assessment EcoVadis awards a score that reflects the quality of the company's sustainability management system. The score obtained... Read more "CUENDE awarded for Corporate Sustainability

CUENDE launches MetricOOH in the US

CUENDE has launched a version of its outdoor advertising measurement platform MetricOOH in the United States. MetricOOH combines vehicle detection in high-resolution satellite imagery with proprietary viewability analysis to provide easy-to-understand metrics for the evaluation of outdoor campaigns. The methodology and technology has passed the first phase of accreditation by the MRC (Media Rating Council), a congressionally mandated organisation... Read more "CUENDE launches MetricOOH in the US

CUENDE at the XIXb Outdoor Advertising Seminar

Yolanda Marugán, Project & Clients Director of CUENDE gave a presentation where she explained the latest advances in the measurement of outdoor media incorporated into GEOMEX 4.0, the new version of the audience measurement system for outdoor advertising in Spain. Among its most important new features are the incorporation of new Big Data sources and the increase in the updating of data. His presentation is part of the XIX Seminar and Contest " CUENDE at the XIXb Outdoor Advertising Seminar
magazine cover "Anuncios"

Article by José María Cuende in the special 40 years of "Anuncios".

The first issue of the magazine "Anuncios" was published on November 24th 1980. Today, converted into one of the reference publications of the Spanish advertising industry, celebrates its 40th anniversary with a special issue in which summarizes its four decades and where the most prominent professionals in the advertising industry share the most decisive moment of his career. José María Cuende, CEO of CUENDE Infometrics,... Read more "Article by José María Cuende in the special 40 years of "Anuncios""... Read more "Article by José María Cuende in the special 40 years of "Anuncios"...

Geomex 4.01 in "Research & Marketing".

Yolanda Marugán, Projects & Clients OOH knowledge Director at CUENDE, publishes an interesting article about GEOMEX 4.01, the evolution of the Spanish Outdoor Audience measurement system. The article is published in issue 148 of the magazine "Investigación & Marketing", dedicated to media research and from which we offer an extract: GEOMEX 4.01: EVOLUTION OF HYBRID OUTSIDE AUDIENCE MEASUREMENT The historical complexity of the Spanish... Read more "Geomex 4.01 in "Investigación & Marketing"... Read more "Geomex 4.01 in "Investigación & Marketing"...
Daniel Cuende of Cuende Infometrics

Daniel Cuende's lecture available at the Alooh Live Forum

Under the title "Post-Covid Outer Space Hearings. The value of OOH", Daniel Cuende will talk about how the health emergency has led to the emergence of a new reality. The post-Covid scenario implies new requirements for Out-Of-Home to which we will have to respond urgently. Only the audience calculated with Big Data will be able to give precise answers and value the efficiency of the medium. The conference was retransmitted... Read more "Daniel Cuende's conference at Alooh Live Forum available

Daniel Cuende at the audience measurement panel of the Alooh Live Forum

Daniel Cuende will participate on October 26, 2020 in the panel on measuring the audience of outdoor advertising in the ALOOH Live Forum. Gathered under the title of "Measure or Die" the main world experts will give their opinion on audience measurement is the scan of the current health crisis. ALOOH Live Forum is held this year virtually and is organized by the Latin American Association of... Read more "Daniel Cuende at the Alooh Live Forum audience measurement panel