Quantum: International Software for the planning of Out-Of-Home Advertising.

Quantum is the result of a partnership between CUENDE Infometrics and Telmar Group, an  American company with clients in 85 countries specialized in media software planning tools. Quantum offers OoH Media companies and Media Agencies, the most powerful and cutting-edge tool for planning and management of Outdoor advertising, adapted to work with any Audience Measurement data.



Quantum UK: ROUTE, the Audience Measurement organization, has selected Quantum as its standard planning tool.

Quantum Spain: The most complete OoH planning tool of Spanish market to run Geomex data.

Quantum SA: Optimized to operate with OMC (Out of Home Measurement Council) data.

Quantum USA: The optimized version for “EYES ON”, the Outdoor Advertising Audience study conducted by TAB (Traffic Audit Bureau).

Quantum Pakistan: MOVE  standard media planing tool


Quantum can integrate data from multiple audience measurement systems, although the complex algorithms required in the calculation of audience can require specific versions tailored to the research systems used in each country. Additionally, the commercialization of advertising is not the same in all countries. However, Quantum is a flexible system that can adapt to the peculiarities of each market. For more information, contact the nearest office of Telmar.

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