Interview with José María and Daniel Cuende in "El Publicista"

In September 2016, during the 9th edition of the Out-of-Home Totem Awards in Mexico, José María Cuende, CEO of CUENDE Infometrics and Daniel Cuende, Innovation Manager, were invited by the organization to present METRICOOH to the Mexican advertising industry. During the visit, the Mexican magazine "El Publicista" conducted an in-depth interview, which was published in the December 2016-January 2017 edition. In the interview José María... Read more "Interview with José María and Daniel Cuende in "El Publicista".

Measuring Out-Of-Home in "Research and Marketing"

The magazine "Investigación y Marketing" has published an article summarising the paper presented by Daniel Cuende, from CUENDE INFOMETRICS, at the last ESOMAR Congress, held in New Orleans. The article, of which we include an extract, was published in issue 133 under the title "From the earth to the sky". The subject of the article responds to the growing need to measure outdoor advertising audiences more and more... Read more "Measuring Outdoor Advertising in "Investigación y Marketing"... Read more "Measuring Outdoor Advertising in "Investigación y Marketing"...

Presentation by CUENDE at the XXV Jornada de Publicidad Exterior (25th Outdoor Advertising Conference)

Teresa García, OOH Knowledge and Research Manager at CUENDE, presented the latest developments in audience measurement for outdoor media at the XXV Jornadas de Publicidad Exterior organised by FEDE-AEPE, held on 19 May 2016 at the Museo del Traje in Madrid. In his presentation Así en el cielo como en la tierra he showed the application of Big Data from satellite images, together with... Read more "CUENDE's presentation at the XXV Jornadas de Publicidad Exterior

CUENDE, new corporate member of PAMRO

Following METRICOOH's presentation at the 16th Media Research Conference in Tanzania, CUENDE Infometrics has been invited to join PAMRO (Pan-African Media Research Association) as a corporate member. Pamro's objectives are to gain a practical understanding of African consumer behaviour with respect to media and lifestyles that will enable informed decisions to be made about how to reach the target audience of each... Read more "CUENDE, new corporate member of PAMRO

CUNEDE at ENGAGE London 2016

Organized by DigitalGlobe, ENGAGE is the place where key players in the geospatial value chain meet to exchange experiences, keep abreast of the latest technologies and develop strong business relationships. ENGAGE 2016, which will take place from 26th to 28th 2016 at the Hotel Russel in London, will have a prominent presence of MÉTRICOH. Daniel Cuende, Co-Founder and Innovation Director of CUENDE Infometrics will participate as... Read more "CUENDE at ENGAGE London 2016

CUENDE at the 15th Outdoor Advertising Seminar

Ana Ferri, Senior analyst OOH Knowledge & Research at CUENDE gave a presentation where she explained METRICOOH, the system for measuring the outdoor environment using geospatial Big Data developed by CUENDE. His presentation was part of the 15th Universitat Jaume I Outdoor Advertising Seminar and Competition held on 18 March 2016. Under the auspices of La Fede-AEPE, which takes over from AEPE, the event... Read more "CUENDE at the XV Seminar on Outdoor Advertising

New achievements in Outdoor Advertising Audience Measurement

Number 133 of the magazine "Investigación & Marketing" publishes an article by Gonzalo Ortiz Paz, Business Development Manager atCUENDE, regarding the evolution of Out-Of-Home audience measurement , from which we offer an extract: The turnover of the Out-Of-Homer media reached 282 million euros in 2014, a figure that has been cut by 50.3% since 2007, the year before the start of the economic crisis. In this period... Read more "New achievements in Out-Of-Home Audience Measurement