CUENDE chooses EXEVI as a reference company to implement ISO 9001

CUENDE has selected EXEVI, one of the big Technology and Transformation companies, as a consultant specialized in quality management for the implementation of ISO 9001. This standard, with more than one million certifications in 184 countries, is a system for improving quality management and places customer satisfaction at the heart of the business.

After a rigorous evaluation process involving several expert companies in quality management, CUENDE has chosen EXEVI as a consulting company to implement the ISO 9001 standard, which establishes the requirements that must be met by the processes integrated into a Management System to ensure the quality of Service or Products. This international standard is based on an approach oriented to the continuous improvement model PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act), and is already implemented in more than 80,000 Spanish organizations.

"With the implementation of ISO 9001 we intend to improve the quality management of our internal processes and convey to customers the transparency with which we develop our products and the confidence towards the final result," says Jose Maria Cuende, president of CUENDE Infometrics.

The complex environment in which the media operate has increased considerably and implies new challenges for CUENDE in the development and effective management of projects, so that to ensure transparency and control throughout its value chain, CUENDE voluntarily decides to be certified with ISO standards that represent an international consensus on best practices. In this way, it takes this step to evolve in its business system and place itself in line with the current needs of its clients. The result is a guarantee of quality, which means that clients can trust that their products are safe, reliable and of good quality.