CUENDE infometris - Kinetic Thailand

Kinetic Thailand launches the audience measurement system developed by CUENDE

Kinetic, a leading specialist in branding through Out-Of-Home advertising, presented the first OoH data for the Thai market on 5 March 2019. The study is conducted by CUENDE Infometrics, a leader in measuring Out-of-Home. Kinetic Thailand presented the innovative study of Out-Of-Home audience measurement, conducted by CUENDE. The launch event, with over 150 attendees and conducted by Anchalee Yupamake,... Read more "Kinetic Thailand launches OOH audience measurement system developed byCUENDE

CUENDE chooses EXEVI as a reference company to implement ISO 9001

CUENDE has selected EXEVI, one of the big Technology and Transformation companies, as a consultant specialized in quality management for the implementation of ISO 9001. This standard, with more than one million certifications in 184 countries, is a quality management improvement system and places customer satisfaction at the heart of the business. After a rigorous evaluation process that involved... Read more "CUENDE chooses EXEVI as a reference company to implement ISO 9001

OMC incorporates the Campaign Optimizer in QUANTUM, developed by CUENDE

OMC (South African Out-of-Home Media Council) launches its new tool that allows companies to plan according to budget and other criteria selected by the user. The Optimizer tool is included in QUANTUM, the OOH inventory and planning software provided by TELMAR and CUENDE to WTO members. The ROAD audience data included in QUANTUM, are calculated by CUENDE using the traffic analysis of... Read more "OMC incorporates the Campaign Optimizer in QUANTUM, developed by CUENDE

Lecture by Daniel Cuende at the International Congress OOH 2018

The congress was held on 27 and 28 September 2018 in St. Petersburg (Russia). Organized by TMG, it was attended by 380 delegates from 14 countries. It is a platform for communication between all the actors of the OOH industry: foreign companies, media agencies, advertisers, suppliers, research companies and media; gathered with the intention of increasing the OOH quota... Read more "Daniel Cuende's lecture at the OOH 2018 International Congress

Presentation by CUENDE at the XXVI Jornadas de Publicidad Exterior (XXVI Outdoor Advertising Conference)

Daniel Cuende, Director of Innovation at CUENDE, gave a presentation in which he explained the improvements of GEOMEX 3.0, the audience measurement study of the Exterior medium. GEOMEX 3.0 was created based on consultations with the different companies in the sector and with the premise of incorporating the fact that Exterior is a passive contact medium and different from other media. Daniel commented that this fact "makes it necessary to have a... Read more "CUENDE's presentation at the XXVI Jornadas de Publicidad Exterior" (26th Outdoor Advertising Conference)

CUENDE Infometrics strengthens your team

In view of the imminent launch of Geomex 3.0 and the Geobus, Georenfe, Geometro and Geoindoor environments, CUENDE Infometrics has decided to reorganize the Technical Support and Customer Service Department by creating two departments: the Project and Customer Department, headed by Yolanda Marugán, which will be in charge of managing the agreements with clients as well as directing the new projects, and the Technical Department headed by Ana... Read more "CUENDE Infometrics strengthens its team

CUENDE wins the first International HACKATHON in Market Research

ESOMAR and MICROSOFT recognize Daniel Cuende of CUENDE Infometrics as the best Analyst in the first INTERNATIONAL Market Research HACKATHON in Big Data. The first International HACKATHON CHALLENGE organized by ESOMAR and MICROSOFT took place in Amsterdam on September 11-12, 2017. The best experts in Big Data participated in the event, materializing the transcendence and the level reached by the Research in Big Data... Read more "CUENDE wins the first International HACKATHONin Market Research


The Spanish company CUENDE Infometrics has been awarded the coveted Technological Innovation Prize by the professional association of outdoor advertising FEPE International. The award recognizes the revolutionary Out-of-Home (OOH) audience measurement system developed by CUENDE for its contribution to the Outdoor industry. The system combines Big Data analysis with vehicle detection in satellite images... Read more "CUENDE International Award for Out-of-Home Advertising Audience Measurement

Daniel Cuende, speaker at the International OOH Congress 2017

The 9th International Congress of OOH will be held from Tuesday 3 to Friday 6 October in Sousee (Tunisia). Organized by TMG (Transit Media Group), the largest bus advertising operator in Russia, the Congress is the largest event in the Russian Out-Of-Home advertising industry, with over 250 delegates from Russia and all CIS countries. The agenda includes conferences (OOH, DOOH,... Read more "Daniel Cuende, speaker at the International OOH Congress 2017

Exhibitor's account at the 58th Congress of FEPE International

The 58th FEPE Congress will be held from Wednesday 7 to Friday 9 June 2017 at the Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel in Stockholm. The Congress includes 2 days of presentations and panels, with speakers from all over the world, who will provide their views on the Out of Home industry. FEPE International represents Out of Home companies, agencies and technology partners in... Read more "Exhibitor's Account at the 58th FEPE International Congress