CUENDE at the XIXb Outdoor Advertising Seminar

Yolanda Marugán, Project & Clients Director of CUENDE gave a presentation where she explained the latest advances in the measurement of outdoor media incorporated into GEOMEX 4.0, the new version of the audience measurement system for outdoor advertising in Spain. Among its most notable new features are the incorporation of new Big Data sources and the increase in the updating of data.

His presentation was part of the 19th Universitat Jaume I Outdoor Advertising Seminar and Competition, which was held online on 14 and 15 April 2021. Under the auspices of La Fede-AEPE, the event was also attended by other prominent speakers such as Pedro Fernández Sanz, Marketing and Product Director of Clear Channel Spain and Ricardo Pérez Valcárcel, Marketing Director of JcDecaux Spain.

As is traditional within the Seminar, the outdoor advertising competition was awarded to the Obsidian group made up of: Jorge Moreno, María Román, Adrián Sarto and Mollie Nolan.

FEDE-AEPE FEDE-Aepe (Federación de Empresas de Publicidad y Comunicación-Asociación Española de Publicidad Exterior) is the organisation that brings together most of the companies related to Outdoor Advertising in Spain.