It's in the special Out-Of-Home section of the "ANUNCIOS" magazine

"Anuncios" magazine

The Spanish magazine "Anuncios", specialized in advertising and marketing, dedicated a special report on the situation of Outdoor Advertising.

The report has the analysis of María Jesús Solaún (JCDecaux), Eduardo Ballesteros (Clear Channel), Antonio Morales (Cemusa) and Jorge Cabré (Publicidad Atlantis) and makes a detailed review of the last CUENDE service.

The article states "but perhaps the best news in terms of research and measurement of the external environment is the one that has been born in the heart of a Spanish company with a view to its export. This is Cuende Infometrics, a company with a long history in the development of specific measurement tools for the external environment, including Geomex, the study in which the industry participates. Well, after two years of work, Cuende Infometrics has developed Metricooh, specifically designed for the international market, although it can also provide some advantages, mainly technical, to Geomex (with which they have already compared the results offered by one and the other, seeing that "there is coherence" between them, according to the company). Metricooh brings, basically, high technology, using satellite images for the preparation of its sample, specifically, a satellite of Digital Globe, a U.S. company that works, obviously, for the space industry, but also for Google Maps. (...) it uses these images to produce the real census of any municipality in the world, identifying the vehicles that travel on its streets, which means that information is available for the whole year. This includes the analysis of visibility of each support, the points of interest of the roads, etc., so that it aims not only to become a planning tool and provide an indicator for measurement, measuring efficiency and allowing geoplanning, say those responsible. (...) offers a standard outdoor advertising measurement system, suitable for all those countries that do not have their own. Both products, according to Cuende Infometrics, are designed for the international market".

You can download the artículo completo.