CUENDE on MAXAR's Smart Talks

Presented by Maya Pires, Regional Marketing Manager EMEA at MAXAR, Daniel Cuende, co-founder of CUENDE Infometrics, demonstrated how to increase sales in supermarkets using spatial technology.

CUENDE uses high-resolution imagery taken by MAXAR's satellite constellation to provide accurate and easy-to-understand metrics to its clients, using its proprietary algorithms and Artificial Intelligence.

The ENGAGE Smart Talks bring together senior executives from the space applications ecosystem. With video content in different formats, such as live panels and on-demand presentations, the Smart Talks programme is a showcase of the content of MAXAR ENGAGE events.

With this initiative, MAXAR offers a unique platform to learn about the disruptive innovations that companies like CUENDE are achieving by creating new uses and utilities on space infrastructure.

The webinar was recorded in October 2021 and can now be viewed on demand at