CUENDE Infometrics incorporates Silvia Fernández as Systems and Infrastructure Manager

CUENDE Infometrics hires Silvia Fernández, specialist in high availability and high performance computing solutions to face the constant growth of infrastructures, systems and databases. From this newly created position, Fernandez assumes the management of the Technology and Communications Infrastructure area, where she will apply her more than 20 years of experience in projects for companies as relevant as Iberdrola, Securitas Direct S.A, IBM Global Services, Acciona S.A, Endesa, Tragsa, Telefonica or Vodafone.

In Fernández's words, his appointment is "an incredible opportunity to establish a new position in an industry of great interest and rapid growth, ensuring that our systems respond to the needs of structures and BB.DD necessary to calculate the high volume of data involved in the arrival of Big Data and the new level of information demanded by the incorporation of digital and programmatic".

GEOMEX 3.0 and the new specific projects for measuring new environments such as buses, subways and indoor environments have led Sistemas e Infraestructuras to experience significant growth in recent years and today it is a key player in the company's audience measurement activity.

CUENDE currently stores in its databases 90 Terabytes of information on the movements of the population and audience of advertising media, with a forecast of expansion due to the integration in its audience measurement processes of outdoor advertising, of the information on the movements of individuals from the big data of mobile phones and satellites.

For José María Cuende, CEO and founder of CUENDE Infometrics "The incorporation of Silvia Fernández is in line with our commitment to our users to streamline an increasingly complex and voluminous process.