CUENDE launches MetricOOH in the US

CUENDE has launched a version of its outdoor advertising measurement platform MetricOOH in the United States. MetricOOH combines vehicle detection in high-resolution satellite imagery with proprietary viewability analysis to provide easy-to-understand metrics for the evaluation of outdoor campaigns.

The methodology and technology has passed the first phase of accreditation by the MRC (Media Rating Council), an organisation mandated by the US Congress, and final accreditation is expected to be obtained.

In order to increase its development capacity, CUENDE has called on the collaboration of an important software factory certified under the CMMIV-DEV 5 standard.

The project is sponsored by IBOUSA (Independ Billboards Operators), an organisation that brings together small companies from abroad with a combined assets of 90,000 supports.

The announcement has gained media coverage in several countries: