The Spanish company CUENDE Infometrics has been awarded the coveted Technology Innovation Award by the professional outdoor advertising association FEPE International.

The award recognizes the revolutionary Out-of-Home (OOH) audience measurement system developed by CUENDE for its contribution to the outdoor industry. The system combines Big Data analytics such as vehicle detection in high-resolution satellite imagery with data obtained from interconnected cars and smartphone apps in GPS traffic streams. Once collected, the information is integrated with surveys of mobility habits, which allows exclusive companies, advertisers and media agencies to obtain audience measurements in both panels and circuits. The information includes socio-demographic and lifestyle profiles, which provide the outdoor advertising industry with audience data comparable to metrics available for other advertising media. CUENDE has developed an automated and transparent system for outdoor advertising audiences, accessible from around the world through satellite imagery and other geo-Big Data, which has positioned CUENDE as the first universal provider of global data.

The award, presented in Stockholm on 9 June 2017, was collected by Daniel Cuende, Chief Innovation Officer at CUENDE Infometrics. After collecting the award he commented: "We are very proud to be recognized as the most innovative company in the outdoor advertising industry". Daniel pointed out that "this success is due to the continuous efforts of the entire CUENDE team, whose members innovate every day as part of their corporate philosophy, a hallmark of the company since the day it was founded".