Interview with José María and Daniel Cuende in the magazine "Emprendedores".

The well-known magazine "Emprendedores" has published an interview with José María and Daniel Cuende, founders of CUENDE, in which they describe the company as the leading technology company in the geomarketing sector.

It explains how CUENDE has been applying the most advanced technology in the field of outdoor advertising research for 30 years: "Time and time again it gives us the solution that no one else can find. Neural networks and data mining, now used by Google and other AI giants, were first applied in the early 1990s. We also used our own GPS devices before the mobile phone," Daniel said in the course of the interview.

But on the shoulders of their love of cutting-edge technology, the Cuende's have innovated to the point where they are facing a "Google-grade opportunity": to be the de facto monopoly in a highly technological sector with immense business possibilities. Their unique ingredient is the use of high-definition satellite imagery to accurately measure car traffic, since the bulk of private transport is by car.

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