Exterion Media and CUENDE Infometrics present GEOBUS, a pioneering system for the calculation of bus advertising audience.

  • The study has been developed from the cross-referencing of data supplied by GEOMEX (Outdoor Advertising Audience Measurement System developed by CUENDE Infometrics) and EMT Madrid (Empresa Municipal de Transportes).
  • This project, unique in our country and included in the GEOMEX 'GEOBUS' environment, analyses the probability of coincidence in space and time for each vehicle, each journey and each individual, and calculates the audience of the almost 2,000 vehicles covering the 177 bus lines studied in Madrid.
  • Its aim is to professionalize the marketing of buses as an advertising medium, expand the audited portfolio of Out-Of-Home frames, increase market confidence in the medium and facilitate campaign planning
  • GPS, Big Data and High Performance Computing technologies have made this improvement in measuring dynamic Out-Of-Home audiences possible

That outdoor advertising occupies a pre-eminent place in the audience universe is nothing new. Nor is it a novelty that, among the 'Out-Of-Home' advertising media, the notoriety and visibility of bus advertising is unquestionable, since these are positioned as the leading in Out-Of-Home media. We like the street and this is shown by the data of the second wave of Estudio General de Medios (EGM), published a few days ago, which places Out-Of-Home in the second position in terms of penetration (81%), only surpassed by TV.  

And, precisely, to professionalize the marketing of buses as an advertising medium, Exterion Media, a leadingOut-Of-Home company specialized in buses as a medium, and CUENDE Infometrics, an expert company in the measurement of Out-Of-Home audiences, have launched in Madrid a pioneering project in Spain for the calculation of bus advertising audiences, within the GEOBUS environment.

Through this study, to the outdoor audience data provided by GEOMEX (reference system for measuring outdoor advertising audiences developed by CUENDE Infometrics), we have joined the data provided by EMT Madrid, which has provided more than 60 million positions of the almost 2,000 vehicles covering the 177 bus lines studied and its almost 5,000 stops.

In this way, the probability of coincidence in space and time for each bus, each route and each individual is analyzed, calculating the audience of each of the vehicles studied, something that had not been done in our country until now.

This project is intended not only to increase the market's confidence in the bus support, but also to facilitate planning for media agencies and advertisers. This way, it is avoided that they go "blind" when they have to choose between a bus circuit or another support at the time of exhibiting their advertising campaigns, since they will be able to know beforehand the audience foreseen for a certain circuit.

"From now on we have bus audience data in the Out-Of-Home measurement , which makes the media more powerful and competitive. These data allow us to offer optimized circuits to the advertiser to improve the return on its investment, as well as to facilitate the planning work, since we provide data such as coverage, GRP's, OTS and impacts ", explains Borja Balanzat, general manager of Exterion Media España.

For example, it has been proven that a two-week campaign with geographical coverage of the capital Madrid and advertising on 55 vehicles will achieve 80% coverage and 104,000,000 million impacts.

For the moment, the project has been successfully developed in Madrid, but Exterion Media and CUENDE Infometrics expect that by the end of the year this data will also be available in the city of Valencia and, eventually, in the other cities where Exterion Media has the concession for bus advertising, such as Seville, Zaragoza, Segovia or Vigo, among others.

In this way, GEOMEX users can create specific bus circuits and plan their campaigns individually or in combination with other Out-Of-Home frames (bus, street furniture, billboards, etc.).

Welcome to the value of data  

"The biggest challenge of the project has been to cross the audience's movements with a medium that moves around the city, for which CUENDE Infometrics has designed a unique solution due to its size, rigor and precision," says Yolanda Marugán, Project and Client Director at CUENDE Infometrics.

To meet this challenge, the company has used GPS, Big Data and high-performance computing technologies on a large scale.

Highly accurate sources are needed to calculate individual-to-individual interaction with the bus. The first step is to obtain the movements and displacements of the population of Madrid on a representative sample. This information is obtained from the sample of individuals GEOMEX works with, where there is data on the movement of individuals every two seconds thanks to the GPS used by the sample. This provides a precise description on a digital map of each trip, street by street, and with the means of transport used, the time and duration of the trip.

Information about the bus is the next step. Thanks to the collaboration of EMT Madrid, we work with precise data based on the GPS installed in the buses of the 177 authorized lines. This GPS sends the position, speed and time information to the operations center in intervals between 1-4 minutes between two positions, which generates more than 60 million positions that help to know the routes of the almost 2,000 vehicles in nearly 4,000 kilometers of travel and its nearly 5,000 stops.

By crossing the data concerning the journeys of individuals (from GEOMEX) and the route of each of the buses (provided by EMT), thousands of impact data are collected for each individual on each journey, giving rise to specific Out-Of-Home audience information associated with each of the vehicles.   

About Exterion Media

Exterion Media is one of Europe's leading Out-Of-Home companies, expert in capturing outdoor audiences through different formats and environments including transport, billboards, as well as urban furniture and shopping centres.

Transport segment represents more than 70% of total business in Europe. It currently operates, among other things, the London Underground and city buses, the UK railways, the Dutch railways and trams and the State Global Transport Company (CIÉ) in Ireland.

In Spain, Exterion Media currently has 9 delegations and 15 offices; it markets more than 8,300 large format media and more than 4,500 buses nationwide.

About CUENDE Infometrics

CUENDE Infometrics has been analyzing the advertising industry for more than 25 years and for the last 20 years has specialized in Out-Of-Home audience measurement based on big data and fusion of sources, being an official source in Out-Of-Home market in our country. CUENDE works by applying the research guidelines developed by prestigious international organizations such as ESOMAR and MRC, entities with which it actively collaborates. The company applies a strict quality standard, which makes it a reliable partner that provides transparency solutions to help organizations and companies to really understand how individuals contact outdoor advertising.