GEOMEX in "El Publicista".

The 468th issue of July 2022 of the magazine The Advertiser includes an extensive summary of the XXIX Conference on Outdoor Advertising organized by La Fede-AEPE and held in Valencia.

The round table on Outdoor measurement was held during the same, with the participation of Yolanda Marugán, Projects & Clients Director of CUENDE, together with Pedro Villa, IT and Production Director of InfoAdex; Carlos Viladeval, founding partner of OOH Trace; Alberto Álvarez, Director of OJD Interactive; Beatriz de Paz, Product Director of GroupM; Juán Millán, General Manager of Adsquare Spain; and Miguel Castañón, Business Development Director EMEA of Broadsign, with Marga Ollero, Chief Data & Insight Officer of Havas Media Group as moderator.

The round table began by recalling that the Exterior is a medium that has had measurement data for a long time, pointing to the more than 25 years of Geomex,

Yolanda Marugán appreciated the pressure given by the Geomex board, both by the media agencies and the exclusivists. "It is something that motivates us and pushes us to always improve.

Miguel Castañón, pointed out that "In other media there are bots and frauds, the EGM is neither perfect nor 100% the best, that is why Exterior should not have any complexes, it is a source of pride that we have CUENDE".