Presentation by CUENDE at the XXVI Jornadas de Publicidad Exterior (XXVI Outdoor Advertising Conference)

Daniel Cuende, Director of Innovation at CUENDE, gave a presentation in which he explained the improvements of GEOMEX 3.0, the audience measurement study of the Outdoor media.

GEOMEX 3.0 was created based on consultations with different companies in the sector and with the premise of incorporating the fact that Exterior is a passive contact medium and different from other media. Daniel commented that this fact "forces us to have a more demanding and purist approach in order to better and more faithfully represent the audience of the medium. The aim is to broaden the study, improve the comparison with other media, adjust better to the peculiarities of the medium, and incorporate international standards".

GEOMEX 3.0 incorporates new visibility adjustment factors such as 20 kerb stand distances, 15 visibility distances, 8 passing speeds, 6 sizes, 4 lighting types, 3 road angles, 3 lane types, 2 road sides, day and night, and 2 transport modes. Combined, these factors add up to more than two million combinations.

In addition, GEOMEX 3.0 incorporates data from the Klein Institute for Economic Forecasting, the INE, the DGT and the Treasury, in order to bring its universe into line with that of the EGM, with data that can be integrated and planned with the rest of the media.

In short, "Geomex 3.0 meets all international standards, and provides real data with high accuracy, integrated with other sources, and with adjusted, compatible and accurate GRPs, and without changing the simplicity in the exploitation of the data".

The XXVI Outdoor Advertising Conference was held on 8 and 9 June 2018 at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. Organised by FEDE-AEPE, it was attended by more than 180 professionals.

FEDE-Federación de Empresas de Publicidad y Comunicación is a business association with more than 40 years of experience in defending the interests of marketing and advertising services companies. It includes 110 companies as individual members and another 120 through collective members.