Daniel Cuende's presentation at ENGAGE 2022

Daniel Cuende, co-founder of CUENDE Infometrics, will give a conference next Wednesday 15th June 2022 in Cascais (Portugal). Under the title Increasing brand sales from space Daniel will demonstrate how to increase the effectiveness of brand communication using METRICOOH, the platform developed by CUENDE that detects traffic in Big Data from satellite images using Artificial Intelligence.

The presentation is part of ENGAGE 2022, a two-day event organised by MAXAR and designed for professionals from governments, institutions and private organisations that use spatial data-based information for decision-making.

ENGAGE is an opportunity to meet new use cases and learn about the disruptive innovation that is transforming the way we access space capabilities, in an event that has registered more than 400 attendees from 30 countries.

Registration and further information at https://engage.maxar.com/